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Keystone Colorado Summer Wedding ~ Ellen and Victor These two are the epitome of everything love should stand for – truth, compassion, commitment, and acceptance.  Get ready for the cutest sum up of a love story ever … Ellen and Victor’s families both moved to Jordan in 2004, and by senior year they were each […]

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Big Sky Destination Wedding ~ Hannah and Jeremiah’s Montana Spring I Do’s The Sharr’s are honestly almost family to me.  Tessa, the maid of honor and bride’s younger sister, was one of my closest friends growing up.  The memories I have with these guys before they moved from Colorado to Montana fill my childhood.  Our […]

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Tybee Beach Destination Wedding ~ Liz and Anthony’s Elegant Southern Celebration To an extent, any wedding photographer’s dream is to travel across the country to photograph beautiful weddings.  Am I right?  And what comes to mind when I mention beautiful weddings are things like flowers pouring out of vases taller than my head, crystal chandeliers, a fondue fountain, party […]

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Breckenridge Fall Family Photographs ~ Henrik and His Soon-To-Be Baby Brother The Stewart Family is honestly one of my favorite little trio’s … except for they are not a trio anymore – new little baby Stewart is here and I cannot wait to meet the little guy!  Congratulations, you cute Stewarts. {Two Year Portraits ~ Breckenridge […]

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  Three Days in Iceland ~ #MyStopOver in Iceland I’m just going to say with complete honesty that Iceland was the absolute coolest place I have ever been.  There are not may places in the world that have not been taken over by tourism, but Iceland is one of them.  It is certainly getting there, and […]

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  Two Year Portraits ~ Lauren and MJ MJ is actually the cutest two year old I have ever known.  MJ might as well be famous for intelligence beyond her years and a personality of a giant.  Lauren, you are blessed to have such an interesting child and I cannot wait to see how you and your mothering […]

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  The Best of Italy ~ Traveling around Rome, Perugia, and Florence. Our experiences in Italy were a series of days bopping around from place to place, eating, drinking, and walking (literally).  A few of my favorite things – 1.  The go-with-the-flow way of life that seems to be the Italian way.  Enjoyment was a […]

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Southern Italy Adventure ~ A Trip Down the Amalfi Coast The Amalfi Coast was one of the most picturesque regions I have ever traveled to.  My goodness, just look at it!  With its stacked hillsides, vintage buildings, and mountain married coasts (pause for a jaw drop) it was absolutely unforgettable.  But aside from that – the most […]

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Sapphire Point, Colorado Wedding ~ Carissa and Matt’s Sunny, Fall Wedding Celebration This wedding was a memorable one because of Carissa and Matt’s interest in creating a day that was not aimed to be “perfect”, but instead aimed for as many moments of real, in the present, happiness as possible.  So much of the day was a […]

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  Lake Dillon, Colorado Wedding ~ Tess and Micah’s Beautiful Bluebird Day of I-Do’s My experience as a wedding photographer is honestly dependent on one main thing – the open-mindedness and grace of my couples.  Tess and Micah were so supportive, trusting, and inclusive.  I cannot describe the relief of working with such a gracious duo on […]

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