Creativity, Uniqueness, and Art Amazement


Starting a business is an interesting thing.  It is very exciting, and pretty frightening, but mostly it is a lot of doing things that you don’t really knowhow to do yet.  With that said, it can be distracting doing all of the necessary managerial and technical work.  I realized that with all of these other factors now thrown into my photography world,  I can forget to keep pursuing the reason I started a business in the first place ~ photo creativity!  Staying intentional about always allowing time to create things I love is so important.  My photography needs to symbolize a certain uniqueness to be wonderful.  Uniqueness defines a successful artist to me.  I found that the only way to exert this is to understand creativity.  We have to try to see things in a different light – literally.  See shadows, see shapes, see flow and movement, and then document it.  Next time you notice yourself staring blankly at an everyday occurrence, try to see it as an art piece.  Watch the clashing of colors and the silhouetted shapes against other shapes, the angles of everything and the the way the setting sun and wind makes leaves on a tree sparkle.  That’s creativity.  And that’s uniqueness.  The way I show mine is through photography.  


Make it Art. A Project to Inspire Art Love Through Photography.


My creative breeze will keep blowing with a bi-weekly photo project.  The posts will be on Friday evenings.  It’s funny how much excitement comes from attacking an art project with the clicks of my camera’s shutter.  However, one of my biggest inspirations in my art is to instill art love in others.  I want everybody to experience seeing the world in stranger ways.  So, challenge yourself to grab your camera or smart phone and try these creativity boosters with me.  Play along and create beautiful things!


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Make it Art. A Photo Love Project. ~ {Meigan Canfield Photography}

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