Our trip came to it’s final stop in Seattle.  It was a beautifully crowded place with too many sights to be seen.  In the small time we were there, we walked below skyscrapers, swam in the lakes, and strolled along the beach to see silhouetted mountain ranges sitting below the MOST breath-taking sunset.  At this point of the trip we were exhausted every day by 11 am, so we actually spent much more time laying on the sandy lakeshore than following through with our plans to see, see, see.  But it was exactly the thing that concluded the trip perfectly.  They were three wonderful days!

Here are the exciting highlights from our Seattle 3-Day adventure:

1. Gelato, ice cream, gelato, gelato, gelato…

2. Being gymnasts again with Gabi and doing flips into the lake NOT onto our bellies!

3. The beautiful orange sun-setting-sunlight (a photographers dream come true)

4. The beauty and wonder of the Puget Sound

5. Renting a Row Boat on Green Lake.  We rowed alongside fishing boats, kayakers, and fancy motor boats – it was such a boat-friendly lake community!  Looking one way, we saw rolling green hills with houses scattered along the side, and the other way, we saw mountains and cityscape.  We rowed under busy, intersecting freeways, and through lillipads and flowers.  It was like The Notebook…but so much better. Then we went for a quick swim before we…

6. Played an hour long, VERY competitive Alphabet game on the way to the airport (I lost!), and…

7. Almost missed our flight! But then…

8. Got extremely lucky and all got seats with each other, and half giggled, half frowned all the way home to Colorado. 

This trip was truly the most impressionable experiences of my life  – just to get a glimpse of how many people live everywhere else, and to feel like I can do anything, anywhere I would like.  More than anything, I have to thank my two amazing friends Rachael and Gabi for loving so much, all of the time, and being there to laugh loud in restaurants, and take naps in cars on city streets, and miss trains together, and always to have more love for each other afterwards.  And thank you to everyone else who helped us have such an adventure.  

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