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Cozumel on Film ~ Family Scuba Diving Trip {2014}

 I recently went on this scuba diving trip with my family to Cozumel, and it was one of the most memorable, and mentally rehabilitating trip’s I have ever followed my amazing family on.  There are times in my life  (and hopefully everybody else’s) when every moment seems to be filled with epiphanies on how to love, and the majority of my time is filled with contentment and appreciation.  That was my trip to Cozumel this November.  Thanks to my family for being the most accepting, exciting, and liberating people I could ever wish to be related to, and thanks to film photography for giving me the opportunity to compose every beautiful, fleeting moment through my eyes, and getting to relish in my excitement of what others may see in the shot when it is developed.  I am so unbelievably lucky to be given this time with the people I love.

Film may seriously be one of the best things that ever happened to me and my business.  It isn’t just a thing, it is an experiment and a humbling reminder that things are not predictable.  It is a small, and important life lesson on how to roll with the punches.  Honestly, that may sound a bit dramatic just talking about a type of photography, but sometimes it is the simplest things that remind you of the most complex.

Now, this week and a half of film experimentation I had in Cozumel was a bit rough.  Whether it was putting the film through the airport x-ray machines, setting the camera to the wrong ISO, or accidentally exposing it in camera – I did it all.  Here are some of the shots that actually came out – enjoy!

{Cozumel on Film ~ Film Photography in Cozumel ~ Breckenridge Wedding Photographer}

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Cozumel on Film ~ {Meigan Canfield Photography}

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