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Southern Italy Adventure ~ A Trip Down the Amalfi Coast The Amalfi Coast was one of the most picturesque regions I have ever traveled to.  My goodness, just look at it!  With its stacked hillsides, vintage buildings, and mountain married coasts (pause for a jaw drop) it was absolutely unforgettable.  But aside from that – the most […]

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Sapphire Point, Colorado Wedding ~ Carissa and Matt’s Sunny, Fall Wedding Celebration This wedding was a memorable one because of Carissa and Matt’s interest in creating a day that was not aimed to be “perfect”, but instead aimed for as many moments of real, in the present, happiness as possible.  So much of the day was a […]

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  East Italy Travel Photography ~ Volunteering at an Organic Saffron Farm I had never been abroad alone before, without family, friends or programs to plan the itinerary.  Italy was the first stop of my two-month European adventure, and it was the perfect place to start as a solo traveler.  Thanks to I had the most […]

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The Best Wedding Ever ~ a.k.a The Big Fake Wedding Oh, you haven’t been to a fake wedding before?  I would jump on that if I were you.  The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show staged in the form of an actual wedding.  I had never heard of it before this year and in all […]

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Rustic Fourth of July Colorado Wedding ~ Lindsay and Jeff’s Lakeside Celebration These two really know how to party (in a good way).  Who only has one day wedding celebrations anymore?  Why not make it three?  Jeff (Lehman) and Lindsay (Rader) thought up Leh-Der-Fest, and turned a typical single day wedding into a three day camp out […]

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  Adventurous Colorado Senior Photo Shoot ~ Maddy on top of Boreas Pass {and Also the World} This entire shoot was joy-filled with adventure.  It is important to mention the torrential downpour happening in Breckenridge just hours before we were suppose to meet for the shoot.  Thank goodness fate kicked in and gave the most astonishing lighting a […]

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  Breckenridge Family Portraiture ~ The Greenawalt’s Scenic, Bubbly Family Reunion Family portraits are my absolute favorite, because every family has their own cute, quirky way of making their kids (and parents) laugh.   Finding that and documenting it for them to keep and giggle at together is an amazing feeling.  Greenawalt’s, you are so stinking cute! {Breckenridge […]

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Estes Park Wedding Photography ~ Austin and Kirsten’s Summer Wedding at Wild Basin Lodge and Event Center Wedding Photography can always be considered a gift of a career.  You see beautiful things, meet happy people, and make art for a living.  However, the cherry on top is always the couple that make the experience either […]

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  Photographing River Rats ~ San Juan Rafting on Film I never feel like I can fully describe to non-photography-obsessors how exciting film is.  It’s comparable to something felt during childhood.  When you are a kid, there are so many options as to how and when you will receive something.  Take Christmas, for example.  Have you ever known a […]

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  Breckenridge Family Fun Photo Shoot ~ The Carons and Friends Go Sledding I have known the Caron Family since the very beginning of my photography career.  They truthfully have supporting me in unbelievable, appreciated, and unexpected ways throughout the journey.  I am so thankful to call them Clients and more so friends.  I cannot wait to […]

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