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Colorado Nursing Photography ~ {Meigan Canfield Photography} When these two asked me to do a nursing shoot, I had no hesitation at all.  I had never done one before, so I was not exactly sure how I would approach it, but I am so thankful that they gave me this opportunity.  Not only is Baby Henrik […]

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  Denver, Colorado Family Portraiture ~ The Stewart Family in the Woods Simple days like this spent with a blossoming family are what make my photography days such a joy.  The Stewart family makes me appreciate all moms and dads like these two.  They are happy, open-minded, calm, dedicated parents who I know will teach Baby Henrik how […]

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  Breckenridge Wedding Photographer Published ~ The Knot Abby and Ian’s Genesee Wedding was one of my all time favorites, so when I heard news that The Knot loved it just as much as I did, and would be publishing it, I was ecstatic.  Thank you to all of the folks at the Knot looking to […]

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Breckenridge Family Photo Shoot ~ Triplets Go Sledding I met these adorable triplets while they were learning to ski two years ago, and low and behold, I ran into them walking down beautiful Breckenridge Main Street this year during their visit!  They are the cutest three (ever), so I was ecstatic when they asked me to do […]

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Tanya and David’s Winter Wonderland Keystone Honeymoon ~ {Meigan Canfield Photography} Tanya and David came all the way from Florida to enjoy a touch (or a bunch) of snow and a mountain view after their wedding this Winter.  Their hour and a half of snow throwing, twirling, and giggling was so fun to watch and […]

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  Breckenridge Winter Wedding Photography ~ Drew and Jenny’s Small, Mountain Wedding Celebration Drew and Jenny are the most lovely people.  Their laid-back attitudes, giddy smiles, and amazing family were all things that made this day a beautiful one.  In my opinion, their wedding is an example of one to aspire towards.  The wedding was […]

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Cozumel on Film ~ Family Scuba Diving Trip {2014}  I recently went on this scuba diving trip with my family to Cozumel, and it was one of the most memorable, and mentally rehabilitating trip’s I have ever followed my amazing family on.  There are times in my life  (and hopefully everybody else’s) when every moment seems […]

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Elegant Farm Styled Wedding Shoot Publication ~ A Paper Proposal Congratulations Team, we were published on A Paper Proposal!  It is such an amazing opportunity to have met, worked with, and learned about all of the amazing things each of these gifted vendors has to offer.  Each of them is so unique to this wedding industry […]

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  Breckenridge Family Photography Feature ~ The Daily Dog Tag (As quoted so perfectly in the Blog itself!) The Callan’s are good friends.  The shoot was around Christmas time, and was a low key family photo shoot (which is honestly when I get the best shots).  It was just a perfect, bluebird, sparkling snow kind of day…a […]

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Breckenridge Handmade Christmas Cards ~ Decorated with Real Herbs and Flowers, and Handwritten Notes {Can Be Framed Normally After Use!} We have created a few Holiday cards this year!  We are a little tired of Hallmark Holiday cards, so each card has been hand decorated with with real flowers and rosemary, and can be easily signed personally […]

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