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Breckenridge Wedding Photography ~ Lauren and Mat’s Mountain Fun Wedding Some weddings are traditional, others formal or whimsical.  Lauren and Mat’s Breckenridge, Colorado wedding was one of simple fun and joy.  Every moment was down to earth, easily enjoyed, and presented with a light-hearted event.  It was really a breath of fresh air to watch these […]

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Tanya and David’s Winter Wonderland Keystone Honeymoon ~ {Meigan Canfield Photography} Tanya and David came all the way from Florida to enjoy a touch (or a bunch) of snow and a mountain view after their wedding this Winter.  Their hour and a half of snow throwing, twirling, and giggling was so fun to watch and […]

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Make It Art. {Five} ~ Try Something New. My love for photography started with a simple digital point and shoot camera.  I played around with its features and made fun compositions.  When my parents realized my interest in it, they bought me a DSLR.  This had so many more features I could play with to learn […]

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Elizabeth and Josh’s Wedding ~ Carter Park, Breckenridge, Colorado Today’s summer mountain wedding was one of the most wonderful days I have ever spent photographing a marriage.  The sun was out all day, the band was amazing, frisbees were thrown, and the couple was one of the most inviting and loving duo I have ever met. […]

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  Make It Art. {Four} ~ Explore Color. I use to turn half of my Clients images black and white because the image seemed more successful that way.  However, I now realize it is because I had no understanding of how to use color.  Color is basically the first thing we learn about in kindergarden, but […]

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  Johanna And Dan’s Beautiful Baby Girl ~ Breckenridge Newborn Photography Welcome Baby Gracy! Before a few days ago, I had yet to do my first newborn photographs, nonetheless, see a two week old baby.  This being the first for each, it was honestly a beautiful experience.  Being so close to such a bundle of […]

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  Make It Art.  {Three} ~ Instagram Loving I love Instagram.  “Social Fad” is a term pretty widely used to describe the app, but my opinion of it strays pretty far from it.  It is used to flaunt the perks of fun and social living, but I honestly feel like it is sometimes my most creative […]

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  Make It Art. {Two} ~ Photograph something important of your past. Find something that defines your history, or influenced who you are today.  I have lived in the same house and in my same room since I was in fourth grade.  This window is the window I have looked out after showers for fourteen […]

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  Make it Art.  {One} ~ Find Beauty in your Home. How many times a day do we pass the pictures on our walls or the house plants that grow taller every day?  We all do it.  We forget the art of appreciating the everyday {and everywhere} beauty.  Find these things you pass by in […]

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Creativity, Uniqueness, and Art Amazement   Starting a business is an interesting thing.  It is very exciting, and pretty frightening, but mostly it is a lot of doing things that you don’t really knowhow to do yet.  With that said, it can be distracting doing all of the necessary managerial and technical work.  I realized […]

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