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Breckenridge Family Photo Shoot ~ Triplets Go Sledding I met these adorable triplets while they were learning to ski two years ago, and low and behold, I ran into them walking down beautiful Breckenridge Main Street this year during their visit!  They are the cutest three (ever), so I was ecstatic when they asked me to do […]

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Breckenridge Christmas Portraits – The Gibbs Family and Grace’s First Winter This family seriously warms my heart.  They are never short of giving, welcoming, and joyous.  Baby Grace is so lucky to have Johanna and Dan as her Mama and Papa Bear.  I took their maternity and newborn photographs, and am so glad they asked […]

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  Breckenridge Family Photography Feature ~ The Daily Dog Tag (As quoted so perfectly in the Blog itself!) The Callan’s are good friends.  The shoot was around Christmas time, and was a low key family photo shoot (which is honestly when I get the best shots).  It was just a perfect, bluebird, sparkling snow kind of day…a […]

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Breckenridge Handmade Christmas Cards ~ Decorated with Real Herbs and Flowers, and Handwritten Notes {Can Be Framed Normally After Use!} We have created a few Holiday cards this year!  We are a little tired of Hallmark Holiday cards, so each card has been hand decorated with with real flowers and rosemary, and can be easily signed personally […]

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Breckenridge Fall Family Photo Shoot ~ Sister Love and Falling Leaves {Breckenridge Fall Family Photo Shoot ~Colorado Fall Family Photo Shoot ~Breckenridge Colorado Fall Family Photo Shoot} {Facebook ~ Website ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest}

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Breckenridge Family Photography ~ The Adorable Meehan Family and their Loving Boys This Family’s photo shoot was a mini shoot, but it was probably one of the most inspirational shoots I have ever done.  I just met these guys, but watched their family glow with so much love for their young boys.  It was a […]

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I recently went on a two-week adventure with two of my closest friends to explore the great Pacific Northwest.  We started our adventures in San Francisco, then travelled by train (Amtrak) to Portland, and proceeded to end in Seattle.  The aim of the trip was to get a grasp of where I felt I could […]

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Okay, Portland.  I can’t even describe how much I fell in love with Portland.  It was by far the luckiest few days we’ve ever had of meeting amazing people, seeing the breath-taking views of the Pacific Northwest, and having new adventures.  The community here was so welcoming and whole-hearted.  The big city had a small town […]

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Our trip came to it’s final stop in Seattle.  It was a beautifully crowded place with too many sights to be seen.  In the small time we were there, we walked below skyscrapers, swam in the lakes, and strolled along the beach to see silhouetted mountain ranges sitting below the MOST breath-taking sunset.  At this point of the trip we […]

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Colorado Newborn Shoot Published on the Frosted Petticoat Blog! This month, one of our maternity and newborn shoots were published together on the too-adorable Frosted Petticoat Blog!  What an amazing feeling to see one of your sweet family’s photo shoots on a blog as cute and creative as this one, and out for all of the […]

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