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Colorado Mountain Senior Girl Portraits ~ Grace’s Summer Senior Shoot  {Colorado Mountain Senior Girl Portraits ~ Denver Artsy Senior Girl Portraits ~ Colorado Seniors 2017} {Facebook ~ Website ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest}

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  The Best of Italy ~ Traveling around Rome, Perugia, and Florence. Our experiences in Italy were a series of days bopping around from place to place, eating, drinking, and walking (literally).  A few of my favorite things – 1.  The go-with-the-flow way of life that seems to be the Italian way.  Enjoyment was a […]

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  East Italy Travel Photography ~ Volunteering at an Organic Saffron Farm I had never been abroad alone before, without family, friends or programs to plan the itinerary.  Italy was the first stop of my two-month European adventure, and it was the perfect place to start as a solo traveler.  Thanks to I had the most […]

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Elegant Farm Styled Wedding Shoot Publication ~ A Paper Proposal Congratulations Team, we were published on A Paper Proposal!  It is such an amazing opportunity to have met, worked with, and learned about all of the amazing things each of these gifted vendors has to offer.  Each of them is so unique to this wedding industry […]

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Breckenridge Wedding Photographer Publication ~ DIY Bride Blog We were published on the inspirational Blog of DIY Bride!  This blog is one to follow.  These guys publish the most amazing weddings through acknowledging all of the uniqueness of each couple and their special day.  They do not discriminate one wedding style from the next, but instead […]

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Our trip came to it’s final stop in Seattle.  It was a beautifully crowded place with too many sights to be seen.  In the small time we were there, we walked below skyscrapers, swam in the lakes, and strolled along the beach to see silhouetted mountain ranges sitting below the MOST breath-taking sunset.  At this point of the trip we […]

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Make It Art. {Five} ~ Try Something New. My love for photography started with a simple digital point and shoot camera.  I played around with its features and made fun compositions.  When my parents realized my interest in it, they bought me a DSLR.  This had so many more features I could play with to learn […]

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  Make It Art. {Four} ~ Explore Color. I use to turn half of my Clients images black and white because the image seemed more successful that way.  However, I now realize it is because I had no understanding of how to use color.  Color is basically the first thing we learn about in kindergarden, but […]

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