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Keystone Colorado Summer Wedding ~ Ellen and Victor These two are the epitome of everything love should stand for – truth, compassion, commitment, and acceptance.  Get ready for the cutest sum up of a love story ever … Ellen and Victor’s families both moved to Jordan in 2004, and by senior year they were each […]

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  Photographing River Rats ~ San Juan Rafting on Film I never feel like I can fully describe to non-photography-obsessors how exciting film is.  It’s comparable to something felt during childhood.  When you are a kid, there are so many options as to how and when you will receive something.  Take Christmas, for example.  Have you ever known a […]

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Cozumel on Film ~ Family Scuba Diving Trip {2014}  I recently went on this scuba diving trip with my family to Cozumel, and it was one of the most memorable, and mentally rehabilitating trip’s I have ever followed my amazing family on.  There are times in my life  (and hopefully everybody else’s) when every moment seems […]

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I recently went on a two-week adventure with two of my closest friends to explore the great Pacific Northwest.  We started our adventures in San Francisco, then travelled by train (Amtrak) to Portland, and proceeded to end in Seattle.  The aim of the trip was to get a grasp of where I felt I could […]

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Okay, Portland.  I can’t even describe how much I fell in love with Portland.  It was by far the luckiest few days we’ve ever had of meeting amazing people, seeing the breath-taking views of the Pacific Northwest, and having new adventures.  The community here was so welcoming and whole-hearted.  The big city had a small town […]

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Our trip came to it’s final stop in Seattle.  It was a beautifully crowded place with too many sights to be seen.  In the small time we were there, we walked below skyscrapers, swam in the lakes, and strolled along the beach to see silhouetted mountain ranges sitting below the MOST breath-taking sunset.  At this point of the trip we […]

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